Honey Lemon Cookies



A lot of people who bake have certain failsafe recipes that they fall back on again and again; mine include a Lemon Drizzle cake my mum introduced me to, my grandmother’s Christmas Cake, and the chocolate Fork Biscuits known in my house as Idiot Biscuits.

Fork Biscuits are incredibly easy to make, and are a great way to introduce children to baking. They are also cheap, fast, and can be made using as little as three ingredients. A large part of what brings me back to them again and again is that their unfussy recipe can easily be adapted into something new whenever the occasion arises. Continue reading “Honey Lemon Cookies”

Idiot Biscuits


When I was little, my best friend’s mother used to occasionally make these crumbly, dark chocolaty biscuits, and they were always a real treat. Her baking was always different to my mums, and eventually I realised that this was because she used butter rather than margarine in her baking. Butter in baking was unheard of in our house, and while I truthfully prefer baking with a good quality baking margarine the majority of the time, I’ve kept this recipe true to the original. Continue reading “Idiot Biscuits”